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Female Government Official Allegedly Employs Her Boyfriend As Office Messenger To Pay Him Huge Salary



A widely acknowledged female government official has become the cynosure of an illegal act committed out løvê.

This is after she intentionally høøked up with a new guy who obviously appears to be her new boyfriend and her age mate as well.

According to information gathered from insiders, the female government official went ahead to employ her new løvêr as her office manager to keep him close and ensure the bond between them grows stronger.

As if that wasn’t enough, she has since been tagging his newly found catch wherever she lands herself despite having employed him as her office manager.

Amazingly, the young man in question is now drawing cash from the job she got through the Intervention of his g!rlfr!€nd as he receives perquisites disguised as clothing allowance, transport allowance and overtime compensation in addition to the whopping amount he gets as monthly salary.

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