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Ghanaian men don’t know how to cuddle – Joy FM Listener



Touching someone you are in love with is so magical. Hugging, holding hands and cuddling are some of the ways people express love.

The power of touch is not supposed to be undermined in one’s relationship since it provides comfort.

For Ghanaian women, little touches, particularly cuddling is very essential in their relationship.

However, an avid listener of Joy FM, Susan Adu Amankwah believes, “the Ghanaian man does not know how to cuddle.”

Speaking on the Super Morning Show on Friday, Madam Amankwah added that they always want more than just cuddling.

“If they cuddle, you must collect one round,” she jokingly added.

According to scientists, being touched by your lover is healthy and promotes healing.

Considering its benefits, the loyal listener wishes Ghanaian men would just cuddle their women “and leave it at that.”

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