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41-Year-Old Woman Jailed For Forcing A Man To Have $êx With Her While He Was Asleep



Information gathered by indicates a 41-year-old woman from Lancashire, England has been jailed for four years after admitting that she forced a man to have $.€x with her while he was asleep.

The woman named Lord Tanya pleaded guilty to the s.€x attack which occurred in her house at Co Armagh at an earlier hearing at Craigavon Crown Court.

According to the judge presiding over the case, there is no distinction between what happened them and that a female r@pe case.

Providing explanations on how the victim is faring, the judge made it clear that there is a repeated myth that males are less susceptible when it comes to issues like this.

Adding to this, he revealed that due to what happened, the victim has been left mentally scared and suspicious of people by his ordeal hence he has been made to receive counselling and placed under medication for the sake of his mental health.

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