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Just In: 65-Year-Old Man Gets Married To An 11-Year-Old Girl, Netizens React



The current world has suddenly become a setting where some explicable situations happen.

Gone are the days when ladies used to grow and reach a matured ages before they are given out for marriage, now the situation has become highly dependant on what one has to benefit from the marriage.

The situation is quite different from the case identified by as an 11-year-old girl has been given out for marriage to a 65-year-old man with intentions of the two staying as husband and wife.

In line with this unbelievable story, netizens have reacted in equal measure with some of them stating they are not sure the man in question would have accepted to give his daughter out for marriage if he was to be the father-in-law.

From all indications, netizens seem to be infuriated about the situation and are really expressing their utmost dissatisfaction about the marriage.

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