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Woman Sues Ex-husband For Planning To Remarry After They Were Divorced, This Is Why



A 34-year-old-man named Thomas Chitika has been dragged to a Zambian court by his ex-wife after the lady overheard she had already found a new wife after barely sixty days after their divorce.

Explaining her side of the story in coirty, the wife of Mr. Chitika said her husband was allegedly denying her access to their son.

Divergent to the allegations levelled against him, Thomas told the court that the friction between he and his ex-wife was as a result of her constant claims of him being impotent and the several abusive words used against him when they were married.

Mr. Thomas added that his wife also had the habit of following him everywhere he goes with flimsy excuses.

In light of the case between the two, the court provided a judgment pacifying both parties while encouraging them to handle issues concerning their children in a more matured manner instead of resorting to taking each other to jail.

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