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Christian Atsu met me on the streets of Europe and spent over Ghc290k to take care of me for 3yrs – Ghanaian lady



A woman from Ghana who once lived in Portugal between 2011 and 2013, has revealed that the late Ghanaian player Christian Atsu was her destiny helper back then. In a video which showed the lady at the funeral rites of the late winger, she mentioned that Atsu spent more than GH¢290k to take care of her needs.

she bumped into Atsu when he was in need of an item and asked her for directions. Back then, she was with her premature baby.

“My baby was born prematurely at the time I bumped into him. When I told him this, he decided to give me his number, saying I should never hesitate to ask him anything if I’m in need,” she began the narration.

The woman revealed that she was financially struggling at the time because she was taking care of the expensive hospital bills of her baby alone, as the child’s father had left her. “I was in a tight spot financially because my husband had left me with my newborn baby, so I was even struggling to make enough money to make ends meet. Atsu gave me 250 Euros every two weeks for 3 years, making a total of 19,500 Euros and then assisted me in going to school in order to get my passport,” she said.

Aside from that, the lady added that Atsu gave her 800 euros to process her Portuguese passport and also added 2,000 euros when he was leaving Portugal. “He asked me to meet him near a stadium where he gave me 800 euros for my Portuguese passport. This happened in 2013. He also gave me 2,000 euros when it was time for him to leave Porto for Chelsea,” she recounted

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