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Ghana Meteorological Agency Sends All-Important Message To Farmers



The Ghana Meteorological Agency has sent out a word of caution to farmers who live along the Northern belts of Ghana not to start farming now due to the impending climatic conditions to be experienced in their part of the country.

Basically, the northern part of Ghana has a single major rainfall for farmers and this normally begins around May and June every year unlike the southern sector of the country which experiences major and minor rainfalls.

However, the northern region as well as some other parts of the northern sector have recently experienced series of rainfall in the month of March due to climatic conditions which is likely a factor that could motivate farmers to start farming.

Divergent to this ideology, the Ghana Meteorological Agency has advised these farmers to think of starting with farming exploits because the rains will be accompanied by heavy rainfalls and afterwards, it is most likely a dry season will take over which will cultivation unfruitful.

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