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My Boyfr!end L!cks My Tonga Even When I’m Menstruating – Nigerian Actress Reveals



Iconic Nigerian actress, Monalisa Stephen has come out to state that she used to make her boyfr!êñd go down on her even when she is in her menstrual period.

Speaking on the “Honest Bunch” podcast, the socialite explained that even when she is in her period, her ex-løvêr was still insistent on having s*x with her and in the process, she used to l!ck her pü$$y together with her menstrual blood when she is menstruating.

She reiterated that, the first time her ex-løvêr decided to lick her on her period, she had no clue of what he is trying to prove, but after their first experience, it became something they did on a regular.

Though this appears to be a disgusting scenario when perceived even in the mind, Monalisa didn’t feel sorry for the experience. Rather, she advised men to love and enjoy every aspect of their female partners during s*xu@l intercøürsê.

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