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Koobi And Momoni, Have No Nutritional Value – Dietician Advises Ghanaians



A dietician at the Meridian Medical Center who goes by the name Forzia Baidoo has sent out a precautionary message to Ghanaians concerning the consumption of putrefied fish, a fish locally recognized as “Momoni”, Kako or Koobi.

The aforementioned fishes are identified as Ghanaian salted fishes that are usually salted for a day or two before dried and considered safe for cooking and consumption.

In a recent disclosure made by the Ghanaian dietician, he stated that there is positive correlation between the consumption of salty foods and kidney diseases.

According to Dr. Baidoo, the two fishes shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities because they only give taste to the meals they are added but have no nutritional value.

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