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Landlord Publicly Flogged By Residents After Being Caught In Bed With Tenant’s Second Wife



Information gathered by shows that, in Tanzania, a landlord has been publicly flogged and fined for engaging in an immoral act with his tenant’s second wife.

This surprising incident happened at Kibwera village, a village located in the Geita district of Tanzania’s Geita province.

According to information gathered by, the culprit caught in bed with his tenant’s second wife was subjected to public beatings and fined to an amount of Ksh 11,000.

The husband of the tenant who has two wives discovered that his second and younger wife had been getting to close to the landlord since they move into their new house owned by the landlord.

Per reports, the husband after catching his younger wife in b€d with his landlord made a report to the village’s leadership who eventually decided to punish the landlord to serve as deterrent to others.

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