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Just In: Irate Man Arrested For Circumcising Rival To Death



Cheating is one thing that has caused numerous disagreements and misunderstanding between couples who appeared to extremely engulfed in the wings of love.

Though there are several factors that contribute to couples taking a decision to cheat on other, one of the most common cause is lack of trust or low level of s*xu@l satisfaction.

When a partner is caught cheating, the degree to which he or she would react depends highly on the intensity of løve he or she has for the other.

In a story relating to the act on social media, an irate man is said to have circumcised the penis of a man he caught in b€d with his wife.

According to reports trooping in, the man who orchestrated the circumcision had hint of their moves finally caught them red-handed and after laying hands on them, the extremely infuriated man decided to hold them hostage where he tortured the man severely.

Out of anger, he went the extra mile after he finally cut of the p*n!s of the man with a kitchen knife and afterwards left him to bleed several pints of blood till he lost his life.

In line with this cruel act, the man was arrested by the Police and has been arraigned before court based on charges of man slaughter.

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