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A Sensible Husband Shouldn’t Divorce His Wife Simply Because She Got Pregnant For Another Man – Young Lady Argues



Information gathered by indicates a young Nigerian lady has ignited a hot conversation piece on Twitter on the back of her assertion husbands shouldn’t leave their wives simply because they cheated and got pregnant out of wedlock.

According to the lady identified on the microblogging platform as @Chioma_DFW, husbands should learn to forgive and have empathy for their wives if it happens that they cheat on them.

In the high debatable tweet sighted by, she maintained her position that supposing a man’s wife gets pregnant for another man, the husband must endeavor taking the issue to the Almighty God in prayers rather than resorting to a divorce because it was definitely a mistake and not a deliberate act.

Inferring from reactions from netizens, it’s safe to say opinions regarding having babies out of wedlock attract different reactions from diverse individuals.

Below are snapshots from views shared by netizens.

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