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We Will Still Need Dede Ayew In The Black Stars Team – Atta Poku



Revered Atta Poku, a widely acknowledged sports analyst has come out to state that the Black Stars team will still need Andre Dede Ayew to creat goals for the team as time goes on.

Explaining further on why he thinks the Nottingham Forest midfielder will still be relevant for the Black Stars, Atta Poku said looking at his current style, he will be needed in the penalty box of opponents to create penalty chances for the team when getting goals become difficult.

In line with his assertion, he stated that though he believes it’s high time the player gives the new players the opportunity to play, we shouldn’t take away the fact that he has been one of Ghana’s best midfielders in the past.

He said despite the player’s current form for the Black Stars, he will still be needed hence he shouldn’t be sidelined and treated like he never did anything for the team.

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