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‘I have stopped paying my tithe because I have been lying about it’ – Yaw Dabo



Kumawood actor, Samuel Nana Yaw Dabo has revealed that he has stopped paying his tithes to avoid attracting curses from God.

The diminutive actor claims that worshiping God involves understanding certain ideologies before joining the church. As a result, in order to pay tithe, one must be truthful to God, which he is unable to accomplish and, thus, has stopped doing so.

In an interview with Zion Felix, Yaw Dabo admonished believers to uphold Christian teachings in their pursuit of salvation to prevent being cursed by God.

“If you go to church every day and you pay your tithe…If you don’t take care, you might take a curse from paying your tithe, yes you can attract curses by paying your tithe.

“For me, I have stopped paying my tithe because I have been lying about it, and for tithe, anytime you lie about your tithe then you are bringing curses upon yourself rather than receiving blessings. And also paying an offering in church for fun is also a curse upon oneself.

“Worshipping God is a principle, if you don’t understand you might take curses instead of blessings,” he said.

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