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“Never marry a poor man, choose a rich man” – Christiana Awuni Advises women, gives reasons



Ghanaian actress, Christiana Awuni has advised women in the country who have plans of settling down in marriage to always try and get married to rich men.

While speaking exclusively to Kofi Adomah on Kofi TV, the popular actress firmly stated that women must never harbor the intention of getting married to a man who is poor under any circumstance.

Explaining why she has such a mindset, Christiana Awuni disclosed that most men who are mostly poor shockingly get a weird taste for some particular women once they begin to make money.

What this means is that, if you are a woman who decides to stick with such a man when he was poor with the hope that you guys are building a life together for the future, this man might ditch you when he begins to get money because his preference in women will likely change.

The actress was quick to clarify that when she says a rich man, it is not someone who has millions of cedis in his or her account, but, any man who at least has a decent that earns him an income, a man who has a nice place to stay and can at least provide the lady some of her basic needs.

Watch the video of Christiana Awuni speaking about this below…

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