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Ashantis Hold The Keys To Ghana’s Prosperity But They Must Humble Themselves – Ghanaian Spiritualist Boldly States



A popular Ghanaian spiritualist named Agya Yaw has urged Ashantis to tone down their superiority complex and rather aim at bringing all ethnic groups in the country together else the development will be very difficult to realize.

According to him, Ashantis have the tendency of making people feel irrelevant and that particular feature about them has impacted the country both physically and spiritually.

He reiterated that, being an Ashanti himself, he is aware there are so many people from the ethnic group who might not be happy with his assertion but that is the truth bestowed on him by the spirits he communicates with.

Adding to this, he confessed that Ashantis have been blessed but they have no idea because not everybody who goes into the spirit world comes back to tell the gospel truth.

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