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Telecommunications Expert Reveals How Mobile Phones Can Help Reduce Road Accidents



A telecommunications expert has stated that mobile phones when used in the proper way can help reduce road accidents.

In a recent interview monitored by, the Head of Network at Vodafone Ghana, Mr. Ebenezer Seibu said the impact of mobile phones on drivers is huge adding that most of the accidents that occur on Ghana’s major roads happen as a result of over-speeding which can be minimized with a mobile phone.

He added that a new technology has been introduced which enables them to use mobile phones to track systems in their vehicles to monitor speeding in real times which prompts the driver on whether he is moving at a top speed or not.

Mr. Seibu reiterated that the use of mobile phones can be used to reduce road accidents through this new innovation.

When asked whether such facilities have been made available to stakeholders in road safety, he made it clear that they are already in collaborations with some stakeholders on the use of mobile phones in reducing road accidents.

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