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Garden Boy Falls In Løve With His Boss After Realizing She Just Ended Her Relationship [Photos]



A Malawian man who travelled from Malawi to South Africa to work as a garden boy fell in løve with his boss after realizing she’s depressed and heartbroken.

One day, the Malawian man named Blessings Kiliati after realizing the painful situation of his boss, took upon himself to comfort her by preparing food and providing her with emotional support by telling her stories about Malawi.

The lady who had just ended her relationship with unemployed fiancé from an affluent family started getting along with his garden boy, Kiliati.

Soon, they fell in løve and became a couple, now he no longer works as a garden boy but spends time showing løve to his boss who has all of a sudden become his partner because of the relationship that exists between the two of them.

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