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Since My Husband Left Me A Snake Has Been Sleeping With Me At Night, I Need Deliverance – Lady Cries Out



A lady from Kenya identified as Peri has revealed that ever since her husband left her a snake has been sl€€ping with her ten times a day.

Narrating her story, she said after completing her studies, she moved to Nairobi where she started a business. After several years, she met a man and after a few months of dating, she asked for her hand in marriage which she consented to.

According to the lady, the man accepted her together with her son whom she had given birth to while still in school.

She reiterated that, everything was going on well until she delivered a second born for his husband after his own child born out of wedlock.

The lady said some time ago she went to visit and upon her return, she was informed a woman came to their home when she was away.

She said she didn’t believe as though she thought it was someone brought into the house to clean. However, three months she was informed about this, her husband asked her to pack her bags and leave their home claiming she was not his type.

Upon constant pressure, she left to rent a small house and started her business. One month later, she began something like a snake having s*x with her when she sleeps.

According to Peri, this happens about ten times in a day and she has sought for divine help from numerous pastors but all to no avail.

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