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‘I Literally Thought It Was A Joke” – Woman Says After She Was Kicked Off Alaska Airlines Flight For Being Drunk



It’s safe to say grabbing a drink at an airport bar, or even a flight has become a normalcy, most especially among frequent boarders who feel anxious prior to boarding a plane.

Unfortunately, the situation was a bit different for a TikToker who claims she was removed from an Alaska Airlines flight after a flight attendant found she had a drank prior to his journey before boarding the plane.

According to the lady, she had one and half mimosa, a drink she took at an airport bar before she and her co-workers headed home to Las Vegas on separate flights.

However, after using the plane’s bathroom, a lady who appeared to be the flight attendant pulled her off the plane and told her she was drunk hence she had to get off the plane.

Upon several confrontations, the lady stated that she was brought off the plane after challenging the flight attendant in question while stating that she wasn’t drunk.

Per her narration, the whole issue appeared to her like a joke because she was baffled by how ab attendant could order her to get off an airline flight simple because she was drunk.

The lady identified as Kandace said even those seated close to her tried to defend her but the flight attendant made it clear that nothing could be done about her situation because the call for her removal has already done.

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