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Rapper ‘Ice Cube’ Finally Explains How He And Dr. Dre Became Friends Again After Their Beef



Iconic American rapper, Ice Cube has revealed how he and Dr. Dre were able to settle scores after years of beef.

Situations got messy between the two entertainers towards the end of N.W.A but a few later, Dre and Cube finally came to a consensus and made ammends.

It all began back in 1989 when the rapper named O’shea Jackson otherwise known as ‘Ice Cube’ took a decision to leave the top-class hip-hop group over bitter royalty payment issues.

A few months after Ice Cube ditched the group, he launched his solo album titled ‘AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted’, a music compilation which happens his first solo project after parting ways with Dre.

In line with this project released by Ice Cube, N.W.A next releases had a few disses directed at Ice Cube in response to disses thrown at the group from their former group member.

In the lyrics of one of the songs titled ‘100 Miles and Runnin’, the N.W.A rapper stated that they started with 5 but one couldn’t make it so now it’s four, basically because the fifth was unable to make it.

The back and forth went for a while till it escalated to Ice Cube’s completely scathing track titled “No Vaseline” where he called out his former ‘bandmates’.

After long years of going through some serious back-to-back dissing, the two finally agreed to settle their beef for peace to reign.

In a recent interview monitored by, Ice Cube said when he first reunited with Dr. Dre, years after the reunion, he felt they had never had issues at all.

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According to Ice Cube, it was a little awkward Dre had a house in West Lake and he was producing a record called the ‘Natural Born Killaz’ which he revealed he seriously needed him on.

He added that he got to Dre’s and gave him a hug after meeting only him on his room.

Per his narration, considering how the reunion happened, it appeared as if nothing ever happened because they never spoke about the past but just moved forward with whatever they were doing.

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