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Man claiming to be Agya Koo’s biological father begs for reconciliation with his son



After years of estrangement, a guy who claims to be the father of  Kofi Adu, also known as Agya Koo, the famed actor and comedian from Ghana has come forward to make peace.

In an exclusive interview with Nana Sefa Hwenebobo on GHANA NEWS TV, Mr. Kwasi Bediako, formerly of COCOBOD, revealed that he was the actor’s biological father.

The actor’s mother and the actor’s father allegedly had an extramarital relationship in the early 1960s in the now-defunct Meridian Hotel in Tema, according to the actor’s estranged father, also known as Agya Koo.

The affair resulted in the conception and birth of Agya Koo whose birth date is May 25, 1969.

Explaining why he was absent from their life, he noted that after she informed him of the outcome of their encounter, Agya Koo’s mother disappeared, leaving no trace of their whereabouts.

He revealed that he had no idea that Agya Koo was his son until recently when he saw him on television.

“I only heard that she had given birth and named him Kofi Adu, only for me to see him on television as Agya Koo. I just knew that he was my son because of certain characteristics and traits he exhibits,” he said

While the claims made by Mr Bediako have yet to be confirmed, they have certainly sparked a lot of interest and speculation on social media.

Asked why he’s waited all this while to finally disclose his identity the aged man said he had avoided the encounter because he was shy.

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“If I met him today, I’ll jump and hug him as my son but I’ve never reached out because I was shy and afraid. I did not want it to look like I was chasing him because of his pedigree in life,” he disclosed.

Mr Bediako’s startling revelations has raised several questions online including the whereabouts of Agya Koo’s mother and the circumstances leading to her raising Agya Koo as a single mother.

Previously, the veteran actor had come out to deny a 50-year-old woman who claimed to be his biological mother on a radio station in the Ashanti region.

Speaking on the matter, he said “My mother died 7 years ago…I don’t know that lady”

Others have also interrogated the matter and questioned if Agya Koo was aware of his biological father’s existence.

The “Away Bus” actor who hails from the Ashanti Region of Ghana rarely speaks about his personal life.

However, he has shared in the past that he resided in Asantewaa, a suburb of Accra Newtown, where he earned his livelihood as a cobbler.

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