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‘She Cursed Me’ – Married Man Comes Back To Beg His Ex 6 Years After He Dumped Her, Netizens React



A Nigerian man went on his knees to seek for forgiveness from his ex-løvêr who parted ways with him six years ago after he dumped her.

According to the man who is currently married, things haven’t going too well for him after his marriage and he suspects his ex-gírlfr!end might be behind his predicaments.

Amazingly, his ex-gírlfr!end reacted to the evil he did to her and reacted to his allegations that might be behind his marital predicaments.

In a recent photo sighted by, the man who obviously appears regretful of his actions, was seen begging his ex-løvêr for forgiveness as she confessed to her that his marriage have been tough after he broke up with her six years ago.

In line with the heartwarming situation, netizens reacted in equal measure with some of them advising the married to seek for divine intervention.

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