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I can’t date a guy who has less than Ghc50k in his bank account – Lady brags



A young Nigerian girl has enraged financially strapped young men on the internet by declaring that she will never date a guy with less than 2 million naira, which is equivalent to 52,000ghc.

In a brief interview, the lady stated that, while she is not a gold digger, she will not settle for less.

When asked how much money she had in her bank account, the lady revealed that she only has 3000 naira.

3000 naira is equal to 78.49ghc. A group of social media users who saw the video praised the lady for her genuineness.

Others are also criticizing her for placing a price on her love, which is extremely wrong and immoral.

Watch the video below to know more


Read below some social media redactions:

@Mufac24 – I just like her sincerity, she has only 3k in her bank account. A man should be financially stable before thinking of dating and getting married but 2m is too much.

@Westwave_ – Hmm person with 3k Dey find person with 2m in his account??

@Mr_don_melody – After now you go expect make me share property with this kind person,this one no be thief like this so ?????

@youngsammysoft – Can you imagine 3k in your bank account and you want the man that want to date you to have 2millions? e easy na him no know do am mumu

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