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Egyptians Complain Over Netflix Depiction Of Cleopatra As Black



Information gathered by indicates a Netflix docudrama series that depicts Queen Cleopatra VII as a black African has sparked massive controversy in Egypt.

In line with the uproar by the Egyptians, a lawyer has filed a lawsuit accusing African Queens, especially the Queen of Cleopatra of violating the laws of the media and aiming to wipe out the Egyptian identity.

In addition to this, a top-class archaeologist has come out to insist that Cleopatra was light-skinned and not black as portrayed in the series.

However, the producer of the series said Cleopatra’s heritage is highly debated which indicates he might not be changing the fact that he portrayed her as a black African.

Furthermore, he told those ranting about the issue of the complexion of the queen to simply desist from watching the movie if they don’t like the cast.

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