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Maadwoa’s baby daddy who’s a footballer in USA did papers to fly her abroad before the incident – Sister cries out



Maadwoa, the young lady k!lled by his police officer boyfriend in Kumasi was about to travel to USA to join her baby daddy according to her siter.

Maadwoa the 26-year-old lady k!lled in Kumasi by her alleged boyfriend was said to have been getting ready  to travel to USA to join the father of her baby before her painful demise.

The young lady was sh0t five times by her boyfriend at Adum-Kumasi after she allegedly broke up with him.

New development from the story indicate that her baby daddy is a footballer in USA.

Maadwoa’s sister who spoke to the media said the baby daddy has been in USA for sometime now but it’s recently that he’s found his feet playing professional football.

According to the sister the baby daddy is done processing Maadwoa’s paper and he was about to fly her to join him only for her to meet her untimely demise.

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