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‘We’re All Guilty Of Using Google’ – Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals Dark Reality Of Our Unhealthy World



In a recent newsletter written by Arnold Schwarzenegger, he highlighted on how the internet might not be as helpful as one thinks.

Explaining further on his assertion, Schwarzenegger said while the internet might be go-to place for each and everyone to seek answers in recent times, the answers it provides might just be misinformation.

He added that, each and every individual including himself is guilty of using Google to the most pressing needs and questions but with obesity epidemic plaguing the entire world for years, it might be time to ask whether the famous search engine plays a role in making one less healthy.

The veteran blockbuster movie actor stated that people rely on the internet health-related advise instead of approaching a doctor and according to him, Google is the root cause of spreading misinformation about dietary substances.

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