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Celebrity Lookalikes Beg For Collaboration With Shatta Wale And Medikal



Recently, social media has given rise to new category of celebrities identified as lookalikes of the already existing ones in the country.

These overnight gained fame by mimicking the appearance and style of their favorite stars and while some may find the trends a bit entertaining, others may see it as a nuisance or even disrespectful to the original artistes.

In the case of a some young men demanding for a music collaboration with Shatta Wale and Medical, fans are waiting to see whether the real-life artists will take notice of their request and grant them accordingly.

On the off chance, they might view the video of these young men as a form of flattery and eventually decide to give these lookalikes a chance to showcase their talent.

Divergent to this fact, these notable musicians may see it as a complete annoyance and choose to ignore it altogether.

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