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Klopp Explains Why He Is Enjoying Chelsea Struggle



Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp admits he takes some degree of pleasure seeing the Chelsea club struggle after their immense transfer outlay.

The English club’s immense trolley dash, in which they have signed 16 players, has done them little help on the field of play.

Under the management of both Graham Porter and Frank Lampard, they have struggled and now sit just ten points clear of the relegation zone, and 14th behind Liverpool, who are currently placed seventh on the league table.

Expressing his view on the current performance of the club, Klopp made it clear that he honestly feels a little bit for Chelsea due to the fact that they are a top-class club in the league.

However, he equally feels happy seeing them struggling simply because he thinks it’s good for management of the club to come to realization you can’t just bring top players together and think everything will work for perfectly for a club.

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