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American Idol’s Katy Perry Responds After Being Replaced By A-list Singer On Judge’s Table



Not long ago, it was revealed that American idol’s current judge, Katy Perry will be replaced by an iconic Grammy winning rock star.

Suddenly, viewers and fans of the American Idol show have started demanding for Katy Perry to be fired over her treatment of the show’s contestant.

On multiple occasions, the singer has been slammed online for her behavior towards the contestants which was categorized as rude and unprofessional.

Previously, Katy was accused of behaving rudely towards Wé Ani by acting rudely when it she made it top 12.

When asked about how she feels concerning the organizer’s decision to replace her with Alanis Morissette, she stated clearly that she actually loved the reaction of the contestants.

Adding to this, he stated that he idolizes while reiterating that she is one of the reasons why she does music.

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