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Photographer Deletes All Pictures After He Was Denied Food at Wedding



This wedding photographer just demonstrated that being “hangry” is a real thing.

A reddit user recently described his experience of being denied meals and having to remove all of the wedding photos from his memory card.

He admitted that he took numerous photographs of but wasn’t a professional photographer. Being strapped for cash and unable to hire a photographer, his friend begged him to capture his wedding for GHC2500.

With some reluctance, the photographer concurred. He was supposed to begin at 11:30 am and finish at 7 pm. In addition to filming and photographing the ceremony, he accompanied the bride as she greeted each guest individually and shot images of them all while they were out and about. Everyone began eating at around five o’clock, and the photographer asked if he might join them. At that point, the groom warned him not to take a break and to keep taking photos or he would be asked to leave without payment.

He claimed he erased all the photos in order to teach the groom a lesson since he was irate, exhausted, and generally irritated. “I deleted all the photos I took in front of him and took off saying I’m not his photographer anymore,” he wrote as his final statement. Sincerely, if I had been paid $250 at that point, all I would have needed was a glass of cool water and a place to sit for five minutes.

He also said that he had run out of water quickly and that no table at all had been set up for him.

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