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Massive Reactions As Man Demands 7 Rounds From His Wife Per Night, Lady Requests For Divorce



Information gathered by indicates a woman from Mpumalanga, who is married to a 28-year-old guy from Zimbabwe is demanding for a divorce with reasons that are sincerely incomprehensible.

The lady named Anathi Nomeva has come forward to the court of law requesting for a divorce after her husband paid full labola for her eight months back.

22-year-old Anathi has stood up for her right as she states that her husband demands for at night as far as bedroom related activities are concerned.

According to her, she is a teacher and as such is expected to wake early for work but her husband persistence to have her for himself throughout the night with hot s*x has made it difficult for her to sleep at night.

It’s in light of this development that she is requesting for a divorce. Anathi’s reason for divorce has been trending on social media platforms for weeks and netizens have reacted in equal measure.

While others sympathize with her to take heart, some recalcitrant social media users are encouraging her to give it to her husband whenever he wants due to the fact that she is his wife.

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