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It was my wife’s karma because she trolled a couple prior to our wedding – Harold Amenyah



Harold Amenyah has said that the treatment social media gave to his wife was karma.

Newly married actor Harold Amenyah says what his wife went through on social media after their wedding was karma.

In the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Amayahs, the couple talked about how the wife trolled a bride prior to their wedding.

He says the wife, Irene questioned and mocked the wig of a bride she saw and he told her to be be careful because her own wedding is on the way.

Fast forward, her wedding happened in what made the wedding viral was a photo which got social media users to question her looks.

Some even said the actor made a bad choice of a wife because Irene isn’t beautiful.


According to Harold Amenyah, he thinks this was karma for what the wife did to the bride she trolled.

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