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“I can’t date a guy from Kumasi because they speak bad English” – Ghana slayqueen reveals



A Ghanaian woman has sparked a heated debate on social media after expressing her dating preferences.

In a video shared on Comedian Warris’ TikTok page, the lady was asked about her dating experiences and how she evaluates men from different regions.

Surprisingly, she revealed that she rates men from Accra higher than those from Kumasi.

Her reasoning behind this preference was that Accra men tend to be more fluent in the English language, unlike their counterparts from the Garden City who struggle in that aspect.

She further emphasized that she cannot tolerate a man with poor English skills, thus explaining her decision to date someone from Accra.

One thing about me is that I don’t like guys who are not fluent in English, and the Kumasi guys are not fluent in English,” she said, while shaking her head.

Watch the video below to know more…

Below are some of the comments gathered under the trending video…

Thomas Donkor – English language is not our mother language and we are proud of our twi so if you don’t like Kumasi bye bye

Afia Denmark – Don’t worry, because our Kumasi guys don’t date ladies who fix 1 inch of hair too. Look at her nose and mouth like isosceles triangle

Andrews Asare Noble – This statement alone shows she has low IQ, is relationship about fluency of English language?

Mathias De Ligt Yofaaviel – That is why you people are always single all the time

Kingsley Nana Prempeh – Kumasi guys normally don’t like hook up girls so I don’t think this kind of post is important.

David Tweneboah Asante – Why? did she speak to all the guys in Kumasi to conclude That they can all not speak good English.What kind of logic is this My dear English Woman?


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