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“Your Pastors Come To Us For More Members And Powers” – Nogokpo Shrine Responds To Agyinasare’s Recent Disregard For Their Idols



The Head Pastor of Perez Chapel, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare has been chastised been chastised by guardians of the popular Nogokpo for his disparaging against the people of Nogokpo and their shrine.

In a recent sermon, the celebrated Preacher referred to Nogokpo as the “penultimate demonic headquarters” of the Volta region because of an accident he saw there.

According to a recent revelation made by the man of God, they travelled to Nogokpo for a crusade and he forced one his subordinate preachers to speak about witches and wizards so they could shame the devils in the vicinity.

In response to these disparaging comments made against the Nogokpo shrine, guardians of the traditional area came out with an official Facebook post advising Bishop Agyinasare to focus on helping his followers understand their religion and leave them alone.

They further sounded a fair warning to the man of God while stating some of his colleague Pastors travel to the same place he claims is a demonic headquarters in order to get more members for their “church business”.

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