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‘They gave me children’s food and colouring book on my flight’ – Yaw Dabo narrates



Ghanaian actor Yaw Dabo has revealed he was mistaken for a child by the flight crew of Emirates airline on a recent flight to Europe. The star actor and businessman said in an interview on Wontumi TV that due to his small stature, a flight attendant assumed he was a child and handed him crayons and a colouring book

Dabo said he found this mix-up incredibly amusing and could not help but laugh at the situation. However, his hilarious ordeal did not end there

Adding to the amusement, Dabo was served children’s food instead of the usual adult meal. According to the actor, it was a genuine error made by the flight attendant, and they apologised profusely when he informed them of the misunderstanding. The actor took the incident in good spirits, finding the whole situation comical.

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