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Man accidentally meets his wife with another man at same hotel he took his side chic



There was drama when a man bumped into his wife in a hotel with another man where he also lodged with his side chick.

Inevitably, the Nigerian couple learned they were cheating on each other as the husband brought his girlfriend to his hotel only to learn that his wife was having fun with another man at the same facility.

A lawyer by the name of Bolanle Cole posted the account of infidelity on the microblogging site Twitter.

He claimed that when the man entered the hotel, he ran into his wife as she left with her own partner. Bolanle claims that his colleague who broke the news to him remarked that the husband is upset while the woman is unconcerned.

The tweet read; “What is really happening to our people, immorality has taken over our generation. A lawyer friend told me this story just now that😎

A man took his girlfriend to one hotel far away from his office and met his wife with another man while coming out from the same hotel💔they saw themselves.

Can we just say 50/50? The man is really hurt, mad and angry while the woman is unbothered and not even worried🙃”

In other news emanating from Nigeria, singer Lojay has sincerely expressed appreciation to his senior colleague Davido for facilitating his meeting with American superstar Chris Brown.

Apparently, Lojay landed a mega deal with Chris Brown after he recruited him for the remix of his smash hit, Monalisa but surprisingly they never met in person for to record the song.

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On an episode of Trending on HipTV with KimOprah as the host, Lojay said that after delivering the audio file to Chris Brown, he finished his verse and sent it back to him.

Thus he appreciated Davido for inviting him to his hotel the day before Brown’s Wireless Concert performance to meet the international star.

He claimed that he had planned to see the American artist before that day but found it challenging to do so. He added that their professional relationship improved as a result of finally getting to meet the Grammy winner face-to-face.