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Ajagurajah Wades Into Agyinasare And Nogokpo Saga



Controversial and outspoken spiritualist, Prophet Kwabena Asiamah popularly known as Bishop Ajagurajah has commented on Archbishop Charles Agyinasare’s comment about Nogokpo being the demonic headquarters of Ghana during one of his sermons.

In a recent disclosure made by the spiritual man of God, he expressed his belief that Archbishop Charles Agyinasare’s comment was not meant to be malicious and and cautioned about the potential repercussions of provoking the spiritual realm.

In a recent interview on Accra based United Television, the Prophet warned people not to poke the devil.

He expantiated on his sentiments with the saying “you don’t wake up a sleeping bear adding that if you happen to wake it up, then you will need to deal with the consequences because everybody has his or her own belief.

The outspoken leader of the Ajagurajah Movement said he doesn’t think Agyinasare had intended any harm with his statement and thought of the fact that mentioning Nogokpo can create fear because it is associated with a powerful deity.

He suggested that the focus on Agyinasare might be due to his reputation and influence, making him a befitting scapegoat for the people of Nogokpo.

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