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“What If Agyinasare Gets Stoned Or Shot?” – Kyiriabosom On Nogokpo Meeting



As the 14-day ultimatum given to Archbishop Charles Agyinasare draws closer, Osofo Kyiriabosom has waded into the matter with indications there is no need the Archbishop to honor to the invitation even if he has guaranteed good security.

He made these sincere and thought-provoking disclosure while citing some probable disastrous outcomes that could emanate from Agyinasare’s visit to the town he is believed to have offended.

According to Osofo Kyiriabosom, irrespective of the fact that he has been guaranteed utmost security ahead of the visit, it’s still very dangerous to heed to their call.

He reiterated since the man of God has come out to apologise for his comments, he should be cut some slack because he could either be stoned or shot upon arriving at the place of invitation.

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