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“I’m Not A Fool To Build A House, I’m Enjoying My Money” – Oboy Siki Boldly States



Nana Kofi Agyemang popularly known as Oboy Siki has stated that he is not a fool to build a house because he is using his money for other things which he feels are more relevant than a house.

In a recent disclosure made by Oboy Siki, he revealed that he has no intentions of building a house because he has enough to pay for his rent and that alone is okay for him.

According to the controversial actor, he will keep renting til he goes to the grave because owning a house is not part of the things he wants in life.

He went on to state that a few weeks ago, it was only cocoa farmers and merchants who could afford to build a house and unfortunately for him, he has never worked in the cocoa farming sector.

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