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Santo Wants You To Forgive Kwame Despite – Spiritualist Tells Abusuapanyin Judas



A spiritualist on TikTok has advised veteran actor, Judas, popularly known Abusuapanyin Judas to find a place in his heart to forgive millionaire Osei Kwame Despite for all the wrong deeds he has done towards him.

According to the spiritualist, she got into contact with the spirit of the late Bob Santo and he gave her a message to be delivered to his bosom friend, Abusuapanyin Judas who currently resides in America.

She made claims that the departed actor told her that his friend, Judas is furious with the CEO of the Despite Group of Companies and even wished he meets his demise soon but he(Santo) wants him(Judas) to let things slide.

The spiritualist claimed that the deceased actor and his friend Abusuapanyin Judas played an active role in the success of Kwame Despite but ignored them to their fate after becoming rich and that was what hurt Judas to the bone.

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