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Mercy Johnson Is Not Her Real Name – Woman Who Claims To Be Actresses’ Mother Cries Out For DNA Test To Prove It



An aged woman who basically shares a striking resemblance with Nigerian actress, Mercy Johnson has made claims she is the biological mother of the female celebrity.

She revealed that she got married to a Nigerian from Kogi state and brought forth three children with the man in question.

Adding to this, she said she was pregnant with her forth child when her mother came from Cameroon to inform her about her dad who was seriously ill and wanted to see her grandchildren before he leaves the land of the living.

She added that, her husband told her to go with the last child, leaving Mercy Johnson and her brother Martin Ngei with their father and a certain woman.

According to the aged woman, Mercy Johnson asked her for a DNA test to confirm her story so she went to the hospital and met the actresses’s husband, Prince Okojie, who apparently denied knowing her while stating that she wasn’t the one he paid Mercy’s bride price to.

In response to the rebuttal, the woman made it clear that she wasn’t there to take his wife from him.

However, Mercy Johnson’s husband insisted on paying for the DNA test but told her to take care of her own bills.

Upon hearing, the woman felt embarrassed as she had spent all her money on transportation costs to Nigeria.

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