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Man Quits Job After His Female Boss Request His Presence On An ‘Off’ Day Because He Is Single – Chat Goes Viral



Information gathered by indicates a man has quit his job after his boss asked him to work on his day off based on the fact that he is single.
A screenshot of the man’s conversation with his manager has gone viral on several media platforms and netizens can’t keep calm about it.
Per the conversation that ensued between the employer and her employee, the man received a message from his boss, with indications, his services will be needed for him to cover his 7 am shift the following day as Justin called out.
In line with this notification, he was asked to appear at work at 6.16 for preparation.
When the man refused to reply the message he received from his employer, the boss said it showed read with a further indication he will see him the following day at 6.15. Thanks again.”
The man then replied stating that, he won’t be able to come in tomorrow while questioning if he has asked his workmate, who he identified as Brian.
To this, the manager responded saying Brian is married with a kid adding that he is not asking him on short notice because he is available and single,
He further asked why can’t couldn’t come as stated earlier.
The employee then responded saying it’s his only day off for the week and he has plans.
In his futher reply, he stated that he can probably come in during the day but will need to get back to his boss in a bit.
The boss then insisted to know what plans refrained him from coming to work.
According to his boss, they will be needing someone to cover the early morning shift because the afternoon shift isn’t going to work.
The man then informed his boss that he had to help a friend relocate to a new place.
He reiterated that, he has plans on his day off so he cannot make it work and apologized while he remained insistent on coming to work the next morning.

Below is a snapshot of the phone conversation showing what ensued between them.

Below is a list of some reactions from netizens concerning the conversation:
One user said if the message showed read so he wily take it as a yes and move one with whatever plan he has for the employee.
Another wrote stating that the employee gave too much information adding that he could have simply responded by saying he cannot make the shift.

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