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Micheal Essien Causes Confusion As He Proudly Rocks An LGBTQ Bucket Hat



We are all aware of the fact that Ghana, just like many other African countries, has its distinct social and cultural beliefs towards issuing relating to LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisêxual, Transgender, and Queer) rights.
Individuals accustomed to the aforementioned society are usually stigmatized and maltreated by the masses basically due to the fact that same-sêx marriage is considered an abomination in our part of the world.
Also, public discussions about LGBTQ rights can be highly polarized, with strong opposition from both religious bodies and cultural groups from all parts of the country.
While many LGBTQ Ghanaians may decide to keep their s*xual orientation or gender identity discrete due to fear of being chastised for their choice or social rejection, others are gradually coming out and it seems Michael Essien is part of individuals among the latter people.
According to a large number of Ghanaian citizens who have come across these trending pictures of Michael Essien, he’s a strong member of the LGBTQ community in Ghana.
These critics have also asserted that he’s just shy to openly profess to being a homos*xual, which is one major reason why he has constantly been giving subtle hints about his s*xual orientation.

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