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I Think I’m The First Ghanaian Artist To Fly In A Private Jet To Another Country – Eduwodzi



Iconic Ghanaian musician Eduwodzi, preferably known his ‘Yenko Nkoaa’ hit song has revealed that during his active career days, he had the unique chance to fly in a private jet to a different country, which makes him the first Ghanaian musician to do so.

In a recent interview with Abrantepa on the E-Forum show, Eduwodzi recounted his delightful experience and pondered whether it signified an important milestone in his music career.

Reminiscing on his occasion, Eduwodzi he posited that he has no idea if any Ghanaian musician has flown a private jet to another country at that time.

He reiterated that, he is not trying to blow his own horns but he doesn’t know if any Ghanaian artist has flown by a private jet to another country as we speak.

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