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I Nearly Lost My Life At Age 1 – Adjetey Annan



In the first chapter of Adjetey Annan’s recently released memoir, his mother narrates how the actor nearly lost his life at age one..

According to the book, Adjetey never showed any signs of illness and was a healthy growing boy until one day when he suddenly fell ill.

She further stated that at that time, they had a domestic help who took care of their son while they were both at work.

Adjetey’s mother reiterated that, they don’t know what happened while they were away. She said he hadn’t noticed anything unusual in the morning, so it was very disturbing to see him looking so pale and unhealthy.

She said what scared her even more was the fact that Adjetey’s pupils had disappeared and one could see the whites of his eyes without seeing the darker portions of his eyeballs.

During the actor’s health problems, his mother said he recall vividly the harrowing experience she went through as her son was rushed to the hospital.

Out of worry and desperation, she couldn’t inhibit the urge to pray fervently, while desperately waiting for a miraculous turn of events as his son’s condition kept worsening day in day out.

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