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You Can Be Jailed Up To 15 Years For Buying Stolen Items – Ghanaian Lawyer Warns



Ghanaian female legal practitioner, Lawyer Enerstina Obboh Botchwey has advised the public to make it a point to exercise maximum caution when purchasing items.

While cautioning them on this issue, he ststed that an individual can land himself in jail for close to fifteen years for making wrong purchases such as buying stolen items from unapproved or illegitimate sellers..

Ms Botchwey, who currently works as an Assistant Public Defender at the Legal Aid Commission, had earlier on her official YouTube channel explained that the laws of Ghana posit that a person who receives the products of crime such as stealing or robbery will be offered serious punishments just as the persons who committed the actual crime of theft or robbery.

In line with this law, the crime of robbing with an offensive weapon carries a minimum prison sentence of 15 years imprisonment.

As stated earlier, indifferent to the one who committed the crime of robbing with an offensive weapon, the buyer or receiver of the products of the said robbery, will also be given the same minimum sentence.

This is after the courts have taken everything into consideration and duly convicted him or her of the crime of dishonestly receiving the said goods.

Throwing more light on her position on point l, Ms. Botchwey made it clear she knows someone who is currently serving a 15-year jail term just because she bought a phone from the wrong seller.

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