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I’m Not Bothered By Feminine Tag – Kumawood Actor Nana Yeboah Reveals



Astonishingly, Kumawood actor, Nana Yeboah claims he is unperturbed by the feminine tag accustomed to him because it is a requisite component of his profession and he is not the first male actor to portray a female.

According to Nana Yeboah, famous Nigerian actor, Mr. Ibu and his own Kumawood colleague, Akrobeto have all dressed up like women in the past.

He stated that they do that to show how versatile they are and give people the impression they will be able to deliver wherever you task them to act in a movie, so he doesn’t see the big deal about that.

He reiterated that he has to act to the best of his ability no matter what and he doesn’t have to let anything divert him and in light of this fact, he has to remain focused all the time because it is God who has given him the gift to accomplish what he does.

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