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Akon Claims White South Africans Live In Ghettos



Iconic producer and entrepreneur Akon had quite a few of Mzansi’s tweeps stunned by his comment about white South Africans living in the poorer parts of South Africa, with many calling him a liar.
The Senegalese-American musician got candid on Revolt’s Drink Champs podcast. In a recent discussion with hosts N.O.R.E and DJ EFN, Akon spoke about his career spanning over 25 years highlighting on his plans to build an African city.
He  went on to speak about South Africa of whichTwitter user @Mothematiks shared a snippet of the interview, captioning the video, “Akon lying on the public platform about South Africa.”
“And what’s crazy is certain parts of Africa, or South Africa, the white folks are the ones in the ghettos. If you go to South Africa, the richest people in South Africa are the black ones.” Akon said.
“It’s almost like a flip … Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, everywhere you go there’s areas where there’s poor people but the poorest areas are the poor parts where the white folks are.” he further says.
The Lonely hitmaker then went futher to tell the hosts that there is a Netflix special which explains his above claims. “I’ve gotta remember the name though. If you search South Africa on there, it’ll pop up” he reiterated.

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