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What My Class 4 Teacher Told Me That Changed My Life – Kofi Kinaata Reveals



Salient Ghanaian highlife musician, Kofi Kinaata, has taken to social media to share a significant life-changing moment from his childhood.

In a recent disclosure made by the “Susuka” crooner, he recounted an encounter he had with his class 4 teacher who was immensely concerned about his troublesome and truant behaviour in school.

According to Kinaata, he was a recalcitrant student so much that his teacher was always moved to tears.

Fearing for a not-so-bright future for Kofi Kinaata, his teacher went the extra mile to make a lasting effect on his life by taking him on a stroll and showing him two distinct houses in the neighborhood and the traits exhibited by both owners of the said buildings.

He narrated that he quite remembers his class 4 teacher used to shed tears several times because he was very troublesome and truant.

He added that, one day his teacher took him out to see a nice building in the neighborhood and asked me if he would like to build a nice house like that.

In response, he answered to the affirmative and his teacher told him the owner of the house was very obedient, paid attention in class, never worried his teacher, never fought in class and was very smart.

Then she showed him a dirty house of one notorious person in their neighborhood and asked which of the two houses he would love to build in future.

He still answered the first one and his teacher said the person who lives inside that dirty house never paid attention in class and was behaving like him(Kinaata) when he was his age so if he wants to be a great person in future, he should take everything she teaches him serious.

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According to the “Confession” crooner, his teacher’s advice changed his perspective on a lot of things about life.

He reiterated that the profound piece of advice from his teacher deeply impacted him and made him realize the essence of taking his education seriously, paying attention in class, and behaving responsibly.

Furthermore, he said It was from after that time that he saw his life change for the better and that experience has stayed with him throughout his life journey through to him becoming a successful musician.